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XQAND manufactures the only NAS purposely built for use with Mobotix cameras. While it will work as a regular NAS, Mobotix's specific features saves hours with installation.

In the beginning of 2013, ExuS Technology made some changes regarding their products. The QStor QMX series has been awarded by MOBOTIX as the “best integration of the year”. To be more focused on the market of video storage, ExuS established a new sub company named XQAND. In January 2013 XQAND launched the new line named XQAND NVP (Network Video Platform) as the follower of the old QStor QMX series.
NVP is our new platform technology, which was developed specifically for the network video market. NVP is a modular concept, which is different from existing approaches by offering the flexibility needed for a number of practical Apps, not just video data storage or data analysis. This allows customizing NVP to your personal requirements.
Exclusive XQAND Feature - Call Home Monitor

Electronics can always fail – this is something that cannot be prevented. Therefore it is imperative to receive a failure notification as early as possible, especially in security relevant environments. We developed the Call Home Monitor to avoid  no data being written due to the failure of a camera or storage units. This would be a worst case scenario if a user has to look up a certain video time stamp to investigate an issue. The Call Home feature is a mix between surveillance software on our NVP and a centralized cloud service. This way, each system can ‘call home‘ through a secure channel via any internet connection to communicate its camera status. Conversely, the Call Home remote station checks in regular increments if the system has reported back as expected. Should this not be the case, the system alerts the administrator(s) and sends a warning email based on your email settings. As a consequence, the probability that a camera failure is reported before there is any video data interruption is practically at 100%.This allows administrators to react right away. The Call Home feature is exclusively available for our partners to provide the best possible service for their customers. 

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