IP Technology Distribution

Global security company that designs, develops, and manufactures surveillance solutions for a wide range of commercial and public sector markets

ABP Technology and IDIS America have joined to bring our Partners an IP Surveillance system that combines high quality and ease of installation. Using IDIS' trademarked DirectIP™ Technology to remove IP addressing between recorders, switches, and cameras technicians can bring their systems online without the time sponge involved in the network portion. It is now possible to configure remote connections into your systems without involving the IT department or ISP due to blocked ports and NAT setup. Over just a matter of minutes, and utilizing purpose-built software with the reliability of Amazon Cloud Service, your customer will have connection to their system from anywhere in the world without cumbersome configurations.


IDIS offers a full range of camera profiles ranging from mini-domes to purpose-built ANPR, and HD TVI systems up to 4K systems without different software or licenses. An entire hardware parts list can be built together inside of the IDIS catalog. By controlling and manufacturing everything from the camera through the NVR and to their 84" 4K digital signage displays, IDIS removes the doubt of device interoperability. Every device will plug in and function without technical set-up while all the system program or maintenance is designed to be done remotely. Built-in system reports, automatic help and diagnostic checks, and complete functionality through an internet connection allows your service department to increase customer response time without having to dispatch technicians, and with 1,064 possible devices connected to the always-free software means every system you install is one click away.


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